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Celebration of new Street Pastors – April 2014



I recently spent an evening with a unique group of volunteers in my borough, called Street Pastors. This intriguing little community had recently piqued my interest, and I was keen to know more. I had noticed the distinctive heavy blue jackets and caps, making them appear like officials of some kind, and because they seemed always to be out at night, and especially on the weekends, in the streets in all weathers engaging with total strangers. I became curious about those involved and what Street Pastors did. Ann Clifford, a team leader for Ealing Street Pastors, invited me to join them ‘on patrol’ so I could see them in action… Read more

Watch our video…


Street Pastors from Ealing Street Pastors on Vimeo.

Walk the streets of Ealing, Acton or Southall at night?

To listen, care and help. Well that’s what Ealing Street Pastors get up to most Fridays and Saturday nights across the borough of Ealing.

Are you interested in coming our with us? Then get in contact as there are opportunities to come out as an observer. Do you want to meet up and form a partnership with your charity or agency work? We are always on the look out for great ways to look after our community, especially in the night time economy.

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