Commissioning Celebration June 2015

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Come and join us on Thursday 11th June 2015 6.30 – 8pm at Haven Green Baptist Church Castlebar Road W5 2UP to celebrate the commissioning of our new Ealing Street Pastors. Special guests: Prince Act 29, Eustace Constance Street Pastors UK, Live music from #BOTB15 finalists RSVP.

Taster breakfast

– Stay tuned more dates coming soon!

Thinking of becoming an Street Pastor or Prayer Pastor? Then come to our ‘taster breakfast’ to find out more! This is a relaxed and informal opportunity to meet with the Ealing Street Pastors team. You can hear stories of what happens when we patrol the streets across the Borough of Ealing; what it means to be a prayer pastor; ask questions and enjoy a spot of breakfast. This is a brief meet up that won’t take up your whole Saturday morning, we kick off at 10 and finish by 11.30. You can get under the skin of what makes a great Street Pastor and Prayer Pastor, see our uniform/resources we take out on patrol and even find out more about how you could join the vibrant and exciting Ealing Street Pastors’ team. More dates coming soon.

Celebration of new Street Pastors – April 2014

When was the last time you went to a celebration? What was it for? A birthday, a promotion, a new job? On Thursday 3rd April about 120 people got together to celebrate. Those gathered included the Rt Rev Pete Broadbent Bishop of Willsden, Inspector Andrew Deane, Angie Bray MP for Ealing Central and Acton and Rev Les Isaac (founder of Street Pastors nationally) and Ealing councillors who wanted to celebrate with us recognising the work that we do.

Why were we celebrating?

In the last year 21 new volunteers have joined us. All sorts of people, from all sorts of places. They give up their time to train and to patrol. They were being commissioned into Ealing Street Pastors. This is the Metropolitan Police, the Council and the Ealing churches working together for the good of the community. We call it the Urban Trinity.

Ealing Street Pastors now has a volunteer team of 50 people and we patrol the streets of Ealing Broadway, West Ealing, Acton and Southall every Friday night. We are there to listen, to help and to care. We can help a homeless person find shelter. Last year we helped 15 to be taken off the street. If my daughter was coming out of a club at 2am in the morning, I’d want somebody like us there warding off predatory men. We are a place of safety just in case. With us around anti-social behaviour goes down. With us around we can help people find their bus, their taxi, even their friends if they lose them.

We all live in the borough of Ealing and we really care that where we live should be safe for everyone. We are there to give value to every single person we meet because everyone is important to us.
So look out for the uniform and when you see us come and say hi.

Ann Clifford Coordinator Ealing Street Pastors
Tel: 07908 156927

_MG_5285 961 width The Bishop of Willesdon and Rev. Andrew Corsie. _MG_5370 961 widthRev. Les Isaac and Angie Bray MP for Ealing. _MG_5325 961 width _MG_5291 961 width_MG_5309 961 width   Ealing Street Pastors We are from churches in the borough of Ealing giving our time freely caring, listening and helping people on Friday and Saturday nights. Contact us

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