During this extraordinary time which will go down in history the heartbeat of God remains strong and deep within Ealing Street Pastors for the Borough of Ealing.  At this time when we are unable to walk the streets we continue to pray. For Ealing Hospital, Ealing Council, local businesses including clubs and pubs, the homeless, mental health, TFL drivers, all those without work, those furloughed, our Government and Prime Minister and more.

We don’t want to let go of the heartbeat of God that we have carried faithfully in this ministry for over ten years for the Borough of Ealing. We long to be released back onto the street to listen to care and to help. So please join us in prayer at this time or if you require prayer PLEASE DO CONTACT US.


Caring listening and helping on Ealing’s streets on Friday and Saturday nights


There has been a two thirds increase in knife offences since 2014, young people don’t feel save and feel compelled to carry a knife. Knives are often hidden or discarded on the streets. Street Pastors are trained to collect these knives and take them off the streets.

Source: Home Office, Y/E March 2018.


Ealing emergency services receive 100’s of calls on Friday and Saturday nights, many not urgent emergency calls. Ealing Street Pastors help take the strain off the police and ambulance services by responding to non-emergency street situations.

Source: Met Police 2017.


1 in 4 experience mental health challenge, it is the single largest health challenge in London with many of those experiencing it spilling out on the streets. Ealing Street Pastors are often the friendly face someone opens up to on the streets.

Source: Mayor of London 2016.

It’s tough roughing it on the streets

Every night 30+ people could be sleeping rough overnight in Ealing – in cars, back streets and parks. Ealing Street Pastors are trained to help rough sleepers get off the streets.

Source: Ealing Council 2018.

Rich Ward…

“Being an Ealing Street Pastor has completely changed my perspective of the community I live in, I have got to know the streets and what life is like on them. I feel much more equipped to engage and support people I meet. It’s been a real practical expression of my faith.”

Local business owner and member of local church.