About us

What we do – Everyone matters

Sometimes caring, listening and helping on the streets on a Friday or Saturday night is straight forward. Calming down a tussle between night time revelers or ensuring someone safely catches their night bus home.

But other situations can appear less obvious – the hidden and out of the ordinary. There are times when people’s lives spill out onto the streets. An argument at home, mental health challenges and even homelessness. These situations are sometimes difficult to spot and challenging to engage with.

That’s why we exist. Ealing Street Pastors patrol the town centres across the Borough of Ealing caring, listening and helping everyone we encounter. We are trained to help those who may be vulnerable and in difficult situations. We seek to serve the police and the local authority and help take the strain of the incredible amount of emergency calls that are made on Friday and Saturday nights.

How we do it – Caring, listening and helping

We are a registered local charity made up of volunteers from local churches. We train each volunteer through the national Street Pastor training programme. Once trained our Ealing Street Pastors patrol in groups of three or more in key centres across the borough of Ealing on Fridays and Saturday nights.

Each patrol is led by an experienced team leader and supported by Prayer Pastors. We patrol from between 10pm to 4am dependant on how busy the streets are. We work with local Police and the local authority to help serve them and to agree the areas which we patrol.

We have a lot of fun and it’s amazing how friendly people are from the general public, to shop keepers, taxi driver and those that might need a helping hand!

Why we do it – Serving our community

We believe that the church should be visible and show practical support to the local community. Ealing Street Pastors is one practical way to do this. All Ealing Street Pastors are volunteers from local churches, they give their time freely.


Working in partnership with the local authority, police and churches in the borough we are continually updated on specific areas and issues that we may be able to help with. We are careful not to behave in a way that could be called religious harassment, but if people want to talk about spiritual matters, we are glad to try and answer their questions.


We began over 10 years ago. We have trained over 80 Ealing Street Pastors and completed over 500 patrols. We are over seen by Ealing Street Pastors Management Committee. We have always worked closely with Ealing Police, Ealing local authority and across the whole breadth of Ealing churches.

“I’ve been working with Ealing Street Pastors since October 2009. Their weekend patrols have helped many people in need. I’ve been very impressed by their commitment and positive approach to helping people from all communities. I would encourage volunteers to get involved to help make Ealing a safer place.”

Inspector Deane, Metropolitan Police

National and international movement

Street Pastors is a national movement with over 15,000 recruited and trained. The movement was started in 2003 by the Rev. Les Isaacs in Brixton, as a response to the level of street crime in the area.

Currently there are Street Pastors in over 90 % of London Boroughs and we operate in over 200+ locations across the country. Street Pastors have also been launched in Australia, Antigua and Barbuda and Trinidad and Tobago.

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