Donate to us and help your local community

We are a small independent local charity and so are in need of help to fund our work. If you feel able it would be great for you to support us financially.

We need funding for Ealing Street Pastor resources for example to help with training new Street Pastors, support our local coordinator, and uniforms. Here’s a quick example of some of the costs we have to cover each year:

  • 10x First Aid Training Street Pastors £300
  • 10 x Training a Street Pastor Including uniform £3,000
  • Helping people on the street including buying food £500
  • Lollipops, space blankets, flip-flops etc. £1000
  • Promoting our work to advertise for new volunteers £300

You give a one-off donation and support the work we do or give monthly.

Or if you would like to give another way please contact us at